Tuesday, February 21, 2017

WLS and Makeup

It's no secret, I am obsessed with makeup.  I love how it transforms your creativity into beauty.  It's such an awesome tool to build confidence and express ones self.  I'm. A. Fan.

It's also no secret that I got weight loss surgery (WLS) back in September.  I've lost 90lbs and am feeling the best I ever have.

So what does WLS  and makeup have in common?  CONFIDENCE.

I have never felt as confident as I have the past few months.  My face is thinner and my eyes have widened.  I have changed up my makeup routine based on these new features and can finally do my makeup the way I have always wanted to!

I am obsessed with eyeliner.  I love a dark smokey eye and super dramatic winged liner.  I had a difficult time rocking this look when I was heavier because my eyes were small.  Using liner on your waterline can sometimes make your eyes look even smaller.  Now that my eyes have widened, I wear eyeliner in my waterline everyday!

Earthquake on my water line! 

Winged liner and hockey! 

One of the best eyeliners for this is the Marc Jacobs Highliner.  I have it in Mist Me, Earthquake and .  Blacquer.  I LOVE IT! It is so creamy and stays on your waterline all day.  It's also great from smudging on your eyelids for that smokey rockstar look.  They have so many colors too, I can't wait to experiment with more dramatic colors. 

The more weight I lose, the more confidence I get!  I can't wait to be able to feel comfortable to express myself in all aspects of life.  

I received the Marc Jacobs Highliner in Mist Me and Earthquake complimentary for testing purposes.  All reviews are my own, this product is awesome! @Influenster @MarcBeauty #Highliner #contest 

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